What Would You Rather Have For Free Instead of Birth Control?

5 Things I Would Rather Have Instead of Birth Control Pills or Abortifacient Drugs: Written by Becky from Reclaiming the Womb

I’m greatly concerned about the fact that our government is aiming to stomp all over our religious freedoms by imposing mandates that ask all people of faith who oppose an immorality to fund it for others, despite the fact that it’s not a need or a right.

So as the Supreme Court prepares to hand down its decision about the constitutionality of the actual ObamaCare law, specifically its individual minimum coverage mandate, which includes the other mandates and provisions that accompany it, I thought I’d just put together my own request of things I’d love to submit to the geniuses over at the Health and Human Services Department — a little litany of items I’d prefer to have covered instead of Type 1 carcinogens that unplug a woman’s design, or abortion freebies available to her when her oh-so-wonderful pharmaceutical fails. And none of these things violate religious liberty or freedom of conscience.

Drum roll, please…

5. Tampons: Now these have nothing to do with healthcare, but neither does contraception. So I figure as a woman, these should at least qualify for consideration. I have a voice, Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood, and it’s screaming for some Playtex. They at least fall under feminine hygiene. Pads are probably a healthier option since they don’t include the risk of toxic shock syndrome. Come on women, we can all stand together on this one.

Go to the original blog to read the rest of her post!

What are the top 5 things you would rather have for free rather than birth control and abortifacients? Leave your ideas in the comm box!


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