Having a Minor Freak Out Moment by Ashlie Dill

Today is the day. The day that I have long awaited. It is the day (that the Lord has made and) that iusenfp.com launches! Give this site a look if you are at all interested in natural methods of family planning. And if you’re a little nervous about it, I think their information will help sooth your nerves.

This definitely ain’t your high school health class. The (awesome) stuff you can and should know about your cycle (or about your wife’s cycle) is explained throughout the website. Check out The Science of the Mucus for starters (and learn to love the word mucus. or fluid. take your pick). You can also find descriptions of the various types of fertility awareness and the science that goes behind it. They even have a quiz to help you figure out which method may be the best for you! Super sweet.

As you meander through the website, take some time to read the blog posts about people’s personal thoughts on NFP…including my absolute all-time most favorite piece by Simcha Fisher “How to Ruin Your Marriage with NFP” – and now you’re like whaaaaat? Ruin my marriage with NFP? Ashlie, I thought you said NFP is good for marriages? Read the article and find out what the heck Simcha is talkin bout…

Onto my favorite part: the store. I love the store because it has great products that promote environmentally friendly feminine hygiene and some awesome NFP tools (shopping + NFP = these are a few of my favorite things). I personally would love to invest in a LadyComp. Another plus about the store is that iusenfp.com will get 4% of the proceeds if you buy the products on their site (without raising the price for the buyer, mind you!). This money will go towards the mission and continuation of iusenfp.com. So you get cool stuff and support the site. Win-Win.

Follow @iusenfp on Twitter for updates.


4 thoughts on “Having a Minor Freak Out Moment by Ashlie Dill

  1. I REALLY want a LadyComp! I have a feeling it would make post-partum charting a bit less stressful…
    Anybody have experience with the Diva Cup? I feel like, as an aspiring hippie, I should try it, but something in me says “ew” – which is pretty dumb, considering the chemicals in tampons are way more ew-worthy…

  2. From one aspiring hippie to the next – I have not used a Diva Cup either, but I’ve known people who have…and I’ve heard nothing but good things. But I do have a few questions – I realize you pour the blood in the toilet, but do you need to rinse it out after each individual use? If so, what do you do when you’re in a public restroom? Walk out and rinse our your Diva Cup in the sink? Any Diva users out there that can fill us in?

  3. I don’t use the Diva Cup but the Softcup. I absolutely love it! They have disposable ones if you know you won’t have access to a private restroom (like vacationing and such) but the reusable one is great too. You definitely have to be comfortable with your body. But because (esp on lighter days) you can wear it 12 hours, I can usually get to a private bathroom.

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