The Truth About Catholic Women and Contraception

Read this.

We just knew the fun little fact  that “98% of Catholic women use contraception” had to be steeped in bias and blatant error.


2 thoughts on “The Truth About Catholic Women and Contraception

  1. Loved the article and thanks for the link!
    I am forgetful on the Church’s argument/evidence for contraception as immoral or sinful. Can you remind me again on what citing in the Bible they use?
    I also wanted to share this link to a beautiful story about my Grandma who in my eyes was the epitome of a faithful, joyful, Catholic, who followed all the contraceptive teachings.

    Personally I think that Natural Family Planning is a form of contraception. The decision made to have or not have sex, while in any knowledge of you’re own likelihood to have children is contraception to me. To truly be open at all times to what God has planned for a woman and man in marriage, they would never even need to think of calculating if the woman was fertile or not. It just isn’t important and isn’t necessary, unless you’re trying to have a hand in either having a baby or not having a baby.

    That being said, I believe that you can be a Christian and not be sinning while using contraception. (I am Christian, not in the denomination of Catholicism) In Catholicism, as it stands, no one using contraception is truly living a Catholic life, and I think the article referred to explains that in a great way.

    Thanks for continuing the conversation..

    ~Christiana Zollner

    • Hey Christiana, thanks for your thoughts. I look forward to reading the link that you left.

      I would disagree that NFP is contraception, because while the end may be the same (avoiding pregnancy) the means is very different. Contraception alters the sexual act, whether hormonally or by a barrier, while NFP does not alter the way that God has designed sex or the body… For an analogy, say a person wants to lose weight. That person can exercise and refrain from eating certain foods or they can become bullemic – binge eat when they want and then throw up their food. Weight loss will result for both, but the means is clearly different. So it is with contraception and natural family planning. You may acheive the same end, but the way you get there is different.

      You bring up an interesting point about contraception and Scripture. While some forms of contraception may have been experimented with thousands of years ago (such as animal skin condoms or inserting animal dung into the woman’s uterus to render it infertile), contraception was not nearly prevalent as it is today. Considering that Sacred Scripture was written appx. 2,000 years ago (and assmebled around 382 A.D.) and birth control wasn’t developed and distributed on a wide scale until th 1960s & 70s, you can see why contraception is not written about specifically in the Bible. However, when the Bible does mention certain forms of contraception, it’s never in a positive light. For specific references, check this out:

      There are issues of morality that one may feel are not sufficiently or specifically addressed in the Bible (be it contraception or other issues of today’s world). This is one of the many reasons why the Catholic church teaches that Sola Scriptura (“Scripture Only”) is not the only way to determine what is right and wrong. The Magesterium of the Catholic church develops it’s moral teachings by examining Scripture, yes. Sacred Scripture is never ignored or dismissed… but we also believe that we can come to know objective moral truths by using reason and the Natural Law because God created these as well. Here’s a piece that challenges that view of Sola Sciptura:

      And just another good post from this blog:

      Also, if natural family planning is not any different than birth control than why not use NFP?

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