About Us: The Short Version

Great Sexpectations seeks to share and discuss the beauty of Catholic sexual teaching. Whether you’re well formed in the Catholic faith, or not even sure what Catholics believe, we hope that you will explore and learn about this great mystery with us.

Our writers are practicing Catholics with different struggles, different gifts, different interests and different experiences. You will find a wide range of perspectives and thoughts, but we do have a few things in common: we love Jesus, we will always seek to uphold Truth, and we strive to follow the teachings of the Catholic Church. If you happen to find anything that is contradictory to Dogma, please let me know! It must have been published in error, and I ask for your forgiveness in advance (I’m only human). Also, please feel free to ask questions or share differing opinions; however, no hateful or obscene comments will be tolerated  – from either Catholics or non-Catholics.

Have a specific question? Email me at ashliedill728@gmail.com. Again, hateful or rude emails will lovingly be ignored. So don’t waste your time 🙂


2 thoughts on “About Us: The Short Version

  1. hey! your email address isn’t attached to your profile but feel free to reblog Mike’s guest post (he said it was fine)


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